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Skilled Nursing  |  1630 43RD AVENUE EAST, SEATTLE, WA 98112
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  • Physical Therapy Services
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  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Anne Onamus

Submitted on Apr 4, 2018

Management "team" either leave or are forced out. They're on 3rd Health Services Admin, 3rd Assisted Living Nurse Manager, 3rd Director of Nursing, 3rd Sales and Marketing, 3rd Director of Culinary Services, 3rd Facilities Director, 2nd Resident Activities Director replacing someone with 20+ years of senior activities experience with someone with a narrow background in Jewish theater, 3rd Assisted Living Activities. Social Worker had to threaten legal action to get the benefits owed when he left. They're searching for a 3rd business office manager after the last two left, and outsourcing chauffeuring after their driver was harassed, bullied and quit.Employees are quietly circulating their resumes because of the toxic environment and worried sick they too will be bullied out before they have other income. A root cause analysis should be done. Is there anyone in leadership with a business background, who knows how to keep good employees and provide meaningful work? Why is it necessary to have full-time security guard at the front concierge desk? What use is a Board of Directors? Is it significant that the majority of employees and contractors who have been bullied are women, and the majority of residents are female too afraid or frail to protest? Who suffer the most? The elderly residents who have invested their life savings in this retirement community and cannot leave.

Krista Vradenburg

Submitted on Apr 17, 2018

Pamela Love is not experienced enough to enrich the lives of the Residents as the Resident Services Director. Her activities seem more suited for school aged children not older educated adults. She does not appear to have any management experience either. It is so sad they let go a life enrichment director who had been at the community for 20 years. The residents loved and respected her. Mike Schwartz Should care more about the residents and what is best for them. Hopefully they will get rid of security at the front desk during the day shift since they lost their legal war against some Parkshore residents. Stupid show of force, really in a retirement community?? It was a dumb decision to start with. Just throwing more of the residents money away. Mike Schwartz will continue to make poor decisions on behalf of Parkshore residents and they will continue to suffer. Mike is arrogant and only pretends to care about the Residents when corporate is around but the comments he makes behind the scenes are shocking and saddens me that those staff who cared were run off, unable to tolerate the terrible culture there. I have had encounters with rude staff at Parkshore including Kiely Erwin, Janis Smith, Michelle Pellecer and Ric Miranda. When a complaint of bullying was made against Mike that was reported to him, he did nothing, he is HR, whom else should we report this to? There are much better CCRC out there and you should definitely keep looking if you truly care about your loved ones. Certainly do not work there if you would prefer a toxic free work environment.

Melissa Meyers

Submitted on Mar 30, 2018

When is anyone with authority going to do something about the bullying that is going on at Parkshore? Transforming Age should be embarrassed that they have not protected their employees. The Executive Director Mike Schwartz is allowed to discriminate against and harass employees. If you are called into his office he always has his puppet and costar Ric Miranda with him to co-sign everything he says. I have never felt so uncomfortable in a managers office when they are laughing before you walk in the door and before you can even leave the office they break out laughing like children. That is so unprofessional. How can you have someone in human resources who cannot be effective or objective and is not there for any employee unless you are his friend. This is a toxic couple, corporate needs to pay attention and break this duo up as the employees do not feel they can stand up for themselves because they are up against these two with no support from corporate. This is the most pathetic management team I have ever seen in a senior living environment. Mike Schwartz will be the downfall of Parkshore if they don’t do anything soon. Ric will continue to get away with being poor at best at his actual job but as long as he and Mike are besties that seems to be all he cares about, some HR representative you have there. Mike is cruel and if you stand up for yourself he will come after you time and time again until you can’t take it anymore. I pray for Parkshore. Janis Smith puts on a good front for Corporate but she is a mean, nasty and rude individual if she determines you don’t move fast enough if she needs something. I really don’t know why someone who makes commission off of another person’s work since there is a six year waiting list to get into Parkshore would feel the need to be so mean. I would think she would be grateful. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. But she’s part of the cool kids clique along with Mike and Ric. So she is secure since she knows she won’t be let go. Shout out to Don Warfield at Skyline for putting all the hard work in creating the easy road Janis travels on each day. Praying for Parkshore’s staff and Residents.

Bill Wertz

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018

I am the current Parkshore 2017-2018 Resident Association President. My wife and I moved into Parkshore almost 3 years ago. I am writing this review to present some of the things that are special about Parkshore. Let me start by sharing that Parkshore is not quite 1/2 way through a 37-million dollar repositioning project. Parkshore had over 20 vacant apartments not long ago. Today the "wait list" is well north of 300. The physical location of this CCRC is outstanding and is directly on the shore of Lake Washington in the highly desired Seattle neighborhood of Madison Park. For many years that was all it took to attract retirees to choose Parkshore as their home. Location-location-location only goes so far and Parkshore relied on this for far too many years. The massive repositioning project will restore the building to be one of, if not THE, premiere locations with all the amenities necessary to be competitive...anywhere! Living through dozens of workers inside and outside the building for up to 2 years, day in and day out, is difficult for both residents and staff and, in my opinion, contributes to the angst being shared in Google reviews. The Executive Director, Mike Schwartz, isn't perfect and has made mistakes. Can any of us say we're perfect and have never made mistakes? I certainly can't! I've had the opportunity, first as Vice President when Mike was brand new in his position, and again this past year as President, to work with him directly. Our interactions have, at times, been challenging. That said, and again working with him directly over almost 2 years, I've personally witnessed a positive change in his approach to his job and how he interacts with residents and staff. Yes...there have been several key Director changes under his leadership. No, again in my opinion, they're not all on him. For example the Marketing Director, Don Warfield, left to fill a similar role at Transforming Age co-owned Skyline. Why? He will be the key person driving new residents to the new Skyline Tower that is proposed to be built next to the current Skyline campus. One Business Director left to join the prior Parkshore Executive Director at another CCRC in the Seattle area. Here's my bottom line on Parkshore. It's location is second to none and, once completed, the 37-million dollar repositioning project will be outstanding. The overall staff, despite many changes, continues to be great. Many staff members are considered by residents to be a trusted friend. Why did I only assign 4 stars to this review? Lots of work remains to get that 5th star. The many changes at Parkshore will, over the long haul, be net positive. It will, at the end, get that 5th star!

Where is Joe Now?

Submitted on Apr 16, 2018

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