The Springs at the Watermark at Logan Square

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Skilled Nursing  |  2 FRANKLIN TOWN BLVD, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103
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About The Springs at the Watermark at Logan Square

The Springs at the Watermark at Logan Square is a Skilled Nursing provider in Philadelphia, PA. Please click below to get in touch with them.

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  • Pharmacy Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dialysis Services
  • Ventilator Services
  • Alzheimers Services
  • Head Trauma Services
  • Hospice Services

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Celia Feinstein

Submitted on May 10, 2018

My Mom has lived in independent living at the Watermark for six years. I think the WM is a great place for those in independent living. The apartments are beautiful (although maintenance when needed is often hard to come by) and the staff for the most part are great. If you/your loved one are able to take advantage of the activities offered, it is great. However, if your loved one needs a higher level of care this may not be the best place. My Mom has been able to stay independent living because we privately hire staff to support her. Assisted living is not nearly as well staffed as it needs to be (for what people are paying they should be offered more than minimum licensing requirements) and skilled nursing is even worse. Jennifer Tapner the executive director is extremely responsive in almost all situations. The constant increases in rent are ridiculous.

Kathryn MacArthur

Submitted on Mar 23, 2018

I have been in this industry for 12 years and I’ve worked at The Watermark at Logan Square for two years. This review isn’t to sell the Watermark; but more about why I love my job. I live in Center City and I have a wonderful group of friends. We’re all around 60 years old and we’ve already planned that we will one day live at the Watermark to keep our fabulous city lifestyle going. I take The Watermark’s monthly activity list home for my friends to plan for our own activities; we end up doing many of the same things the residents do! The daily activities The Watermark offers are incredible; the theater, ballet, orchestra, art museum, trips to Longwood Gardens and the list goes on! The food is delectably delicious (I love to eat!) and our shuttle bus makes transportation convenient.

Bonnie Eisner

Submitted on Apr 12, 2018

My sister and I moved our mom here 12 years ago after my father passed away. She was only 80 and in good health at the time and continues to live in the independent area at 92. It took her a while to get used to it but she will tell you now it is the best thing she ever did. She plays cards, see's shows and has made friends. It is much closer to where we live so we are able to see her more often. The staff has been caring. I agree that the only complaint is the amount the unit is raised in regard to rent annually. When she was hospitalized and needed a bit of rehab she was able to have her friends from the building visit her which was great. All in all it's been great for her.

Judith Hibberd

Submitted on Apr 9, 2018

My experience with the Watermark has been positive. My brother and sister in law have lived in an independent apartment for 10 months. Initially my sister in law was in the rehab until she could live independently. Presently my brother is in the rehab following a hospital stay. His care in rehab has been quite satisfactory. He is getting very good care from the nurses. My only complaint is that they don’t have enough nurses/aides employed. The nursing supervisor was quite helpful when I consulted with her. The OTs and PTs have been excellent with their services to him. We had a good consultation meeting shortly after he was admitted in the rehab to determine what course to follow regarding his care plan. I am pleased with his care. The Watermark at Logan Square is a good place. They just need more staff.

doris levin

Submitted on Apr 13, 2018

In a few months, it will be five stress-less, wonderful years living at the Watermark and this could be you. I say stress-less and wonderful because the residents here have whatever one needs or desires to have this kind of life. Let me elaborate: the quality of our food and the dining experience is given a 95-58% approval by our residents. Can't get better than that. Our apartments are cleaned, linens changed and beds made once a week. Less work for mother. Security is round the clock, so we feel safe and protected. A very good feeling. A doctor, podiatrist, dermatologist, audiologist, dentist, etc. are in the building and a nurse is available twenty-four seven. Hospitals are stone throw away. Hopefully you won't need these services, but it's good to know they are here. If I start tell you about the abundant diversified in house activities we have, it would take the entire page. Add to that our off site excursions to "wherever we want to go" and you realize we are kept busy all the time if we wish it. Or, just stay in our apartments and cuddle up with a good book. WE MAKE OUR CHOICES.. We are centrally located, convenient to museums, parks, restaurants and a ten minute ride to the theaters, Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music. Our Watermark bus takes us to downtown shopping, dropping us off and picking us up at every Septa stop starting at 9:30 AM. It's nice to have lunch and shop and not have to drive. Residents here, carve out the life style they enjoy. Some go to NYC for lunch and to see a show, some have taken cruises and vacations together and others attend classes a OLLI. That is OLLI Life Long Learning which is held in Temple University' center city campus. (and of coarse our bus takes us there and brings us home.) There is much, much more that I can write, but I would rather you see for yourself. So come pay us a visit. I am Chairperson of the Welcoming Committee and it would b my pleasure to introduce YOU to a stress-less wonderful life.

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