Vision Home Health Care

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Home Health  |  4275 EAST MAIN STREET, COLUMBUS, OH 43213
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ACHC Accreditation

Services Provided

  • Nursing Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy Services

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Carol Smith

Submitted on Dec 27, 2017

Requested service for my child asked if the company excepted my 2 insurance policy and was told yes. The Representative asked for my sons social security number and insurance information. I was told by the Rep. I would receive a call back later that day after verifying insurance info. I decided I would follow-up because I had not heard back from them. I spoke to the same person and another person that told me yes they except my insurance and as soon as the person I dealt with and was working on this will give me a call back when they return to the office. I never received a call back I tried calling the office for follow-up information regarding the status and was told the rep was not in right now and they would have him call me. Today I called back to check the status and was told they do not take my insurance and they have another company that they will refer me to. ***The Representative gave false misleading information after requesting my child's Social security # as tho he would be processing and getting ready to open the case. Beware don't waste time with this company especially if your in need of care ASAP because this type of service is not acceptable when your child needs care! Being up front and confident in the billing process is the # one prospect in doing business and should not be ponder on! It should be a straight yes or no not asking for irreverent information and service will not be rendered. Poor Business

Mal M

Submitted on Dec 14, 2017

I'd give less stars if possible. Former employee of this company. This company is more concerned with keeping clients than making sure they are following proper guidelines and regulations. They will let an employee make a med error for months, and tell them what she is or isn't going to chart as long her relative is a client there. Administration believes they know everything even though none of them have any medical training or certification. If you don't like charting and want to get away with the bare minimum this is the place for you. Oh but you better have insurance for yourself, because you will get thrown under the bus if state ever comes in and starts asking questions even if administration knew about it. Forget about written warnings etc. they will just term you on the spot through a letter that does not depict the true reason you are being let go. Because more than likely they never addressed the issue with you to begin with. To ensure this doesn't happen make sure one of your relatives is their client the more the better. It will provide you with job security. In this case having dual degrees benefited me after I was termed. I just really don't like the way they went about it all, highly unprofessional, thus the review. Good luck with this company.

Dorthea Ward

Submitted on Jan 12, 2018

Good company I seen so far

dark boi

Submitted on Nov 6, 2017

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