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The New Post-Acute Care World, Where Partnerships are Pivotal to Success


Facing an ever-changing landscape, healthcare industry experts know that the key to sustainable success is building meaningful relationships. These are our tried-and-true factors that make valued partnerships work and grow.

If we have learned anything in the healthcare industry in the past two years, it is that there is power in partnerships–with our teams, our post-acute providers, our communities, and, above all, with our patients and their families. We all CRAVE a sense of “normalcy” and comfort again, and although we may not be able to predict what that will look like, we can agree that we do indeed need one another now more than ever. Bringing people together and growing valued post-acute care partnerships allows us to make it through uncertainty and come out stronger on the other side.

Many factors are taken into consideration when evaluating a partnership and C.R.A.V.E. is the best way to simplify what we all truly need in a valued post-acute care partner…

Communication, Reliability, Accessibility, Valued Care, and Ease.


Communication is key to any relationship’s growth. Our ways of communicating during the past two years have been altered everyday. We have adapted and streamlined the way we communicate with one another in order to develop our valued post-acute partnerships no matter the distance between us. From Zoom meetings about a patient’s discharge needs, to tele-health visits, and various other virtual platforms; we have been able to ensure communication is at the forefront of care.


Reliability is as simple as doing what you say you are going to do. Yes, it is that simple, but not always so common. Growing a post-acute partnership requires someone who is reliable and you can depend on at all times. We know that our health system, skilled nursing facilities, and senior communities have been hit hard; and this has enlightened them on which partnerships they can depend on for patients and their families. The growth of Preferred Providers/Partners, Frequently Used Partners, Accountable Care Organizations, and various other partnerships have developed and demonstrated that these valued partnerships are key to the success, not only for the health system, but also for the patient’s continuum of care post discharge.


Having accessible information is essential for any partnership. There is so much information that needs to be provided during just one patient’s discharge that many healthcare outsiders may fail to notice how complicated it can be to access accurate information, quickly. Having on-demand access to this kind of information is essential, whether a case manager needs to know about a skilled nursing facility’s bed availability, what services a home health agency provides, or which post-acute care provider can even accept a patient’s insurance.

Valued care

We all know that a patient discharging from the hospital today does not have the same acuity as a patient of a few years ago. It is now a requirement across the board for case managers and discharge planners to send their patients to a valued post-acute care partner that provides quality care. Skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, continuing care retirement communities, acute rehab facilities, plus many more have had to expand and prioritize their clinical capabilities to stay ahead of the high-acuity patients that we are all now seeing. To be a partner today, you must provide valued, quality, and innovative care and treatment to even the most complex of patients.


The healthcare industry is more complicated than ever before and navigating next steps in pos-acute care has to be easy–not only for discharge planners, but admissions, schedulers, and families as well. Growing a partnership should simplify care transitions, bringing all parties involved peace of mind with their next steps in care and comfort in their decisions.

Partnering with Repisodic for Post-Acute Care Management Success

I find immense comfort in knowing that with all of our Valued Partnerships that we have created and are creating for the future, our platform at Repisodic brings each of these factors to the table:

  • Communication: Repisodic allows case managers to provide comprehensive patient choice/discharge list options to patients and their families, whether they are in the hospital at bedside or at a distance.
  • Reliability: Reliability is something that we stand strong in at Repisodic: accurate information on post-acute care options, virtual communication, product performance when you need to get a patient home safely and quickly, and use of the platform from anywhere for case managers, post-acute providers, and patients.
  • Accessibility: We make information, data, and resources accessible to all of our users. From virtual tours, clinical services, and amenities for patients to feel comfortable with their next step in care, to hospital systems that easily access data about what Partnered Providers or Valued Partners their patients are going to next, or something as simple as bed availability.
  • Valued Care: We make valued and quality care front and center by providing Medicare Star Ratings and quality metrics for every post-acute care option for all of our users.
  • Ease: Ease of use and ease of sharing has has never been more clear of a need than it is right now. Our patient choice lists can easily be shared virtually to patients and family members even if they are not able to be in the hospital with their loved one. This not only speeds up the discharge process for case managers, but the ease of obtaining information and being able to choose the best option for care for a patient brings about true peace of mind.

In an ever-changing healthcare industry, there is one thing that will remain for certain – who you work with does matter! Valued post-acute partnerships can lead to a better experience for providers, patients, and their families.

If you are looking to strengthen your Post-Acute Care partnerships, get in touch with us or learn more at: https://www.repisodic.com/repisodic-choice