Build Easily Shareable Lists
of Post-Hospital Care Options

Repisodic Choice helps care management leaders manage the complexities of hospital discharges with an easy to implement EHR add-on that guides patients to high quality providers in the community.

Automate compliance with Medicare discharge planning regulations

Virtually engage patients and caretakers

Fully customizable language, hospital branding and provider results

Guaranteed implementation in less than 4 weeks through Epic App Orchard and other FHIR-based implementations

Proven Impact

Reduce Length of Stay

$3M in annual savings through reduced length of stay for patients transitioning to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Increase Network Provider Utilization

11% increase in patients choosing high quality network providers over 6 months

Increase Patient Satisfaction

25% increase in discharge compentent of HCAHPS rose to 99th percentile in one isolated floor study.

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