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Repisodic Choice for Hospitals

An easy to implement EHR add-on that helps you proactively manage your hospital discharge process.

Take Control of Your Discharge Process

The discharge process at many hospitals is ad-hoc, unmonitored and varies significantly from discharge planner to discharge planner. Repisodic Choice helps you manage your discharge process at scale, across a hospital or entire health system spanning multiple geographies.

Get Compliant with New Medicare Hospital Discharge Planning Regulations

As mandated by the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act), hospitals are now required to assist patients in selecting a post-acute care provider by using and sharing data on quality measures and resource use measures.

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Build Targeted Lists

With our advanced filters by insurance plan and clinical services, eliminate wasted back and forth with providers that will never take your patient.

Real-time Availability

Our new bed and nurse availability indicator allows your staff to "just know" which providers have capacity for your patients.

Build Partnerships with Network Tiers

Prioritize networks of high-quality post-acute care providers to patients in a patient choice compliant way. If your hospital doesn't have any network tiers, Repisodic can help you build one based on referrals and patient outcomes.

Advanced Data Reporting

Gain visibility into what happens between a level of care determination and referrals being sent. Our data reporting tools give you complete visibility into which providers are being presented to patients and which staff members are staying compliant with regulations and hospital processes.

Engage Patients in Their Discharge

Educational Content

Customizable educational videos explain the discharge to the patient.

Virtually Engage

Send lists through email or text messages, right from the patient's chart in the EHR.

Quality Ratings

Share up-to-date, detailed quality metrics with patients along with explanations.

Virtual Tours

Patient's can view virtual tours of facility-based providers and marketing videos from home health agencies.

Feature Your Partners

Highlight your high performing partner providers and explain the benefits of choosing them.

Provider Photos

Photos showing what life at the provider is like or what color uniforms the visiting nurses will be wearing.
Return on Investment

Our Proven Impact

Reduce Length of Stay
$3M in annual savings through reduced length of stay for patients transitioning to Skilled Nursing Facilities
Increase Network Provider Utilization
17% increase in patients choosing high quality network providers over 6 months
Increase Patient Satisfaction
25% increase in discharge compentent of HCAHPS rose to 99th percentile in one isolated floor study.