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Improving the Patient Experience at Hospital Discharge


In honor of Patient Experience Week, we are highlighting the importance of the patient experience at discharge when transitioning to post-acute care.

The patient experience at hospital discharge for transitions to post-acute care is a key piece of improving HCAHPS Scores. At Repisodic, we are deeply focused on not just improving case management workflows but also on improving the patient experience for when they transition to post-acute care. For most patients and family members, care transitions out of the hospital can be an incredibly stressful and time consuming experience. The Repisodic platform is designed to guide and help patients and their caretakers through that process, providing all the information that someone needs to make an informed and efficient decision on the best post-acute care facility or services to transition to at hospital discharge.

At Pennsylvania Hospital, America’s first hospital and part of the world renowned Penn Medicine Health System, Repisodic had an opportunity to isolate and study the real impact that our platform has on the patient experience at discharge.

Pennsylvania Hospital was looking to improve patient satisfaction scores at discharge. When patients needed to transition to post-acute care, they were given a standard paper list that only included the names and addresses of their options. Patients and their families reported feeling overwhelmed making such an important decision with limited details about their options.

Pennsylvania Hospital (and shortly thereafter all of Penn Medicine) replaced the paper list with Repisodic, an EHR-embedded platform to help them improve and better manage the discharge workflow. Lists for post-acute care are now customized to each patients unique needs and can be accessed digitally in a variety of formats, providing comprehensive information about the post-acute care transition process and all the data they needed to make an informed care decision.

As a result of implementing Repisodic, Pennsylvania Hospital saw a 25% increase on patient HCAHPS scores on the discharge component, to the 99th percentile. If you’re interested in learning more about how we automate discharge workflows, read the case study below or reach out to learn more.