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MedCity News features Repisodic


Recently, Ryan Miller, co-founder and COO of Repisodic, spoke to MedCity News about how Repisodic is helping hospitals prepare for the new Medicare Discharge Planning Regulations.

“It’s bringing a lot more structure, rules and requirements, I would say, to the way hospitals are presenting options and discharging patients to post-acute care. For various reasons, discharge planning and case management has not been an area of investment in technology for health systems,” Miller said in a phone interview. He and a partner, Mike Cwalinski Jr., founded Repisodic about two years ago after kicking around ideas for a healthcare-related startup. They settled on post-acute care planning after bad experiences with family members.

Repisodic offers a browser-based system that has been live since 2017. Discharge planners and case managers enter information about a patient and the system, called Repisodic Choice, generates an electronic list of post-acute options to share with the patient. The list can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer.

The system also can be integrated into a hospital’s electronic medical record system and pull information from there to generate a list, Miller said.
In addition to hospitals and health systems, the company works with providers of post-acute care to manage the information available about them on the Repisodic platform and to manage subsequent transitions for patients, say from a nursing facility to home healthcare.

The goal of tech firms is to make the process simple for discharge planners and avoid disruption.

Check out the full article here.