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Patient Engagement HIT features Repisodic


In a recent Patient Engagement HIT article discussing discharge planning, Repisodic was mentioned as a tool that improves quality of care, empowers patients, and helps hospitals adhere to new CMS standards.

“Bowles and her colleagues at Penn use Repisodic, a bedside tool that outlines a patient’s post-acute care options and provides a list of care quality scores and other characteristics that might match with a unique patient need.

If the patient needs a particular type of therapy or experiences an English language barrier, the tool will help parse through the different care site offerings to help patients understand their options. The bedside tablets also have video options that help drive patient education.

‘This tool helps us meet the CMS conditions of participation now because CMS requires that patients are given choice and that patients are given information about the quality of the services that they’re choosing,’ Bowles said, pinpointing how technology is helping adhere to key Medicare requirements.

But it’s about more than just the requirements and reimbursement, she added. Offering bedside information about post-acute care options is helping to create a better healthcare experience for patients and their family caregivers.

With hospitals working toward shorter lengths of stay, families have been left scrambling to decide whether they will utilize post-acute care, and where. This tool simplifies their options, Bowles said, and takes some of the stress out of the decision by connecting patients with quality data.”

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